Corban Estate Arts Centre

Corban Estate Arts Centre
Today Room 7 & 8 went together to the Corbans Estate Arts Centre to take part in a workshop with artist Penny Howard. 
We had a great time learning about her art and the stories she tells through her art. The children then spent time planning and completing their own art. 
The children were thoroughly engaged in the process and the few hours we were there sped past. And then of course there was the bus ride which was another highlight for us.
 We will put our finished art on display in the classroom soon!

Tie-Dye T-shirts

In Week 9 of Term 2 Room 7 learned about the process of tie-dye. Following step-by-step instructions and practising careful listening, we experimented with using different colours to dye t-shirts.

First we twisted our t-shirts up and tied them with rubber bands.

Then we dyed our t-shirts.

After that, we had to wait for 8 hours before Mrs Ashford rinsed them under the tap. We watched the extra dye wash away. Mrs Ashford took them home and washed them and dryed them in the dryer for us.

We were very excited to see what our t-shirts would look like once they had been dyed, and really enjoyed getting to wear them for our Assembly. Some of us even wore them to the school Disco. 

Matariki Whanau Morning

Matariki Whanau Morning
Over the last few weeks we have been learning about Matariki and preparing for a special morning with our families. We read and wrote stories about Matariki, did art, set goals, and made kites.
Last Friday the day we had been waiting for finally arrived! We were very excited.

We started our morning by showing our folk dancing to our guests in the gym. They were very impressed with our dancing and we had a lot of fun inviting them to join us for the last dance. There were a lot of smiles! 

Then we took our guests back to our classrooms and showed them our learning. 

We each wrote a wish for Matariki on a ribbon and attached it as a tail to our kites. 
We had offered our guests old fashioned lemonade to drink and star-shaped biscuits that we had decorated for the occasion.